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Competitor Information

Jackpot Information-
No team? No worries! 
We’ll help you match up!

Sunday, February 25, 2024

10am-11am Registration 

Noon Race Start

Awards to Follow

 Course location:

3311 Hwy 83, Bigfork

How It Will Work

No team?  No worries!  We’ll help you match up!

At the registration, each rider may buy up to 6 tickets (runs) and

each skier/boarder may buy up to 4 tickets (runs)

at $25 per ticket.

Horses may run up to 3 times in the day.


Find a teammate for your first 2 tickets.  When a horse, rider, skier/boarder team is determined, staple the tickets together and put them in the

"Match" bucket provided. 

These are your "Matched" teams. 

Your remaining tickets- put in the bucket marked "Draw skier/boarder" or
"Draw horse/rider" as appropriate.

These will be used to create the Draw teams.

If you aren't able to find a match team,
place your tickets in the appropriate draw bucket.

After the draw; if there are individual tickets remaining, they can be donated or refunded.

Once registration is closed, no substitutions or refunds will be allowed.


Run order will be determined by random draw. 

Run order will be posted at the registration location or at the start gate. 

Be ready for your run when it is your turn.  Start gate caller will do their best to notify teams when it is their turn to run, who is next and who is on deck, but will not run around looking for teams.  If you fail to show up for your run, you will be rolled to the next most convenient spot one time.  If you are not present when your team is next up your team will be disqualified.

Runs will be hand timed by two timers. Times will be averaged unless one

timer fails, if so, the successful time will be the official time.


We will be using a 3D format to determine winners. 

The total number of teams entered will be divided into thirds.

All teams will run the same course.

The top third raw times will be placed in the 1D.

The middle third raw times will be placed in the 2D.

The bottom third raw times will be placed in the 3D.

Penalties will then be added to the raw times to receive a total time.

2 seconds per ring missed

2 seconds per gate missed

Total times will be used to determine the winners of each Division.

Payout amounts will be determined by the amount of entry fees collected.

50% of entry fees goes to Whitefish Skijoring as this is a fundraising event.
50% goes to the pot, divided as follows:

45% to the 1D

35% to the 2D

20% to the 3D

We will be paying 1st and 2nd place teams in each division. 


Winners will be announced and awards will be presented after the event, 
at the registration location.  

Please click here for complete Jackpot Rules.

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