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Unfortunately, we will NOT be hosting a 2024 Skijoring race  intended to host spectators.  See Below for Jackpot Info. 
*Planning has already begun for the 2025 Race.

Upcoming Events


50/50 Skijoring Jackpot

Sunday, February 25, 2024

10am-11am Jackpot Race Registration

Noon Jackpot Race

3311 Hwy 83, Bigfork

**This Jackpot is a fund raiser for competitors only. 

Unfortunately, our venue does not have the space to accommodate spectators. 
We plan to be back for our full blown event for everyone in 2025.***

For Competitor details, click below.




Our Story

Our Story

Whitefish Skijoring is an annual event that takes place in tandem with the Whitefish Winter Carnival. You are invited to join the festivities.  Check out the Competitor Information and Spectator Information to explore how you can be part of the fun.


Whitefish Skijoring History: As reported in the London Independent, Pamplona may have its running of the bulls, St Mortiz its tobogganing maniacs, and Warren Miller its cast of crazies but Skijoring has been part of the Whitefish Winter Carnival since the 1960s. Founding Father of the Carnival, Norm Kurtz, challenged local ski legends of the Big Mountain Ski Resort, Martin Hale, Dale Evenson, Gordy Taylor, Dick Maddox, and others to take part in the high-speed event. He also recruited Mountain Trails Saddle Club horsemen, Elmer Smith, Herb Knuth, the Morris brothers, Doc Kauffman, and others to saddle up their fastest horses to pull the skiers. There was no cowboy chic to it--just dally up and go!!

The event was held on Central Avenue in the early years but later moved to the Mountain Trails Saddle Club on Wisconsin Avenue, where Stumptown Ice Den now stands.  Great fun continued every year until the mid-seventies. In 2003 a local businessman spearheaded a successful campaign to bring this exciting event back to the Flathead Valley. It is more exciting than ever. Faster horses, higher jumps, and more fun!!



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